Jewish Values: Streets Are Paved with Gold, The

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145 p.
This novel won a Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award when it was first published in 1990. It has now been reissued as an Authors Guild Edition. Debbie Gold, the narrator, is 14, the only girl in a family of Jewish immigrants living in Brooklyn in 1922. The plot blends incidents that show the experiences of immigrants struggling in a new land with action involving Debbie's friends at school, her goals and aspirations, and her role in a hard-working Jewish family. Although the Gold family's life is not without difficulties - Papa gets consumption, Aunt Becky marries out of the faith, Debbie gets appendicitis just before she is to star in a school production of The Mikado - the story is upbeat and positive mainly because the Gold family is strong and close. Readers of today will recognize themselves in Debbie while appreciating the differences between then and now. Among the many values inherent in the Gold family and the story is a recognition that education is worth sacrifice.
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