Jewish Values: Promise to Remember, A: The Holocaust In the Words and Voices of Its Survivors

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48 p.
An oversize book that is part text, part illustration, part audio, and part interactive. An audio CD presents survivors' testimonies. The text is organized into 15 short chapters on such subjects as the assault against the Jews, the Einsatzgruppen, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, and liberation. It is illustrated with documentary photographs. Inserted in many of the pages are documents which can be pulled out and handled independently of the book. They are its most powerful feature and include false identity papers, a color photo of a burning synagogue, two recipes written by women prisoners in Terezin, a copy of a Nazi "resettlement" order; an invitation to the Wansee Conference, etc. Excellent as an introduction to the Holocaust for middle school students and for families to read together.
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