Jewish Values: When Zayde Danced On Eldridge Street

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32 p.
Zeesie is a little afraid of her stern, religious grandfather and she attends shul with him on Simchat Torah reluctantly. But a wonderful change comes over Zayde as he reveals how much he loves both Zeesie and the Torah. Set in the neighborhood of the historic Eldridge Street shul in the 1930's, its text and illustrations combine to tell an appealing story. Zeesie first appeared in the author's What Zeesie Saw On Delancy Street, also illustrated by Priceman. Winner of a Sydney Taylor Book Award for Younger Readers. Other Simchat Torah stories are Gittel and the Bell by Roberta Goldshlag Cooks, illustrated by Susan Martz (Kar-Ben Copies, 1987) and "Thanks to God Who Gave Us the Toyre," a Polish folktale retold by Barbara Rush in The Jewish Year: Celebrating the Jewish Holidays.
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