Jewish Values: Prisoner In Time: A Child of the Holocaust

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When the Nazis begin to deport Jews from Prague, 12 year old Jan Weiss is hidden by Gentile friends. His carelessness results in the arrest of his benefactors. Desperate, he is drawn to the grave of the Maharal, one of the most famous sites in Old Prague. At the grave, he finds an amulet which allows him to time travel back to the time of Rabbi Loewe (the Maharal). Jan helps Rabbi Loewe make the Golem, which saves the Jewish community from its enemies. When he returns to the present, he is sent to Terezin and reunited with his dying mother. His promise to her leads him to search for a present day Golem. The story is a murky blend of fantasy, historical fiction, and biography and its theme is unrealized.
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