Jewish Values: When the Chickens Went On Strike: A Rosh Hashanah Tale

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32 p.
Sholom Aleichem wrote a story called "Kapores" which Ms. Silverman, the author of RAISEL'S RIDDLE, has adapted. Front notes explain the meaning of kapores and give the source of the story. It is told by a boy whose father sends him out of the shul for misbehaving on Rosh Hashanah. He sees a strange sight: a "parade of poultry" marching out of the village and assembling in a field to demand freedom from kapores. When services end, he tells the villagers what has happened and out of deep concern for their cherished custom, they attack the chickens, who counter-attack. Torn between custom and change, the boy sides with the chickens and helps them escape, observing that "customs come and customs go...all things change with time." As a commentary on both social life and religious practice, the story respects the way of life that it fondly portrays in a state of change. The narrator remarks that he didn't need chickens to improve his behavior. Without preaching about the merits of either ritual or inner intent, the story makes a strong point about repentance and its meaning. In addition to an extraordinary story, the book's generous size, handsome design, and splendid illustrations make it a natural for reading aloud at Rosh Hashanah or any time of year.
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