Jewish Values: Demons' Mistake, The: A Story from Chelm

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32 p.
Informed by a tongue-in-cheek urban sensibility, this story begins in Chelm, where demons delight in ruining the plans and parties of those easy marks, the Chelmniks. While tangling guests' hair, tearing their clothes, and spilling their drinks at a welcome home party for the Pupkin's son, Chaim ("call me Charles"), the demons hear his tales of the wonders of America and decide that it's the place for them. Their journey doesn't work out as planned and when they finally descend upon the Big Apple, they discover to their chagrin that New Yorkers aren't fazed by their mischief. That is, until a street smart demon tells them about traffic signals, and computers... Throughout this witty story, told in a folkloric style, Podwal's smudgy pictures charm and entertain. The demons are funny-scary and the city scenes are a delight. Some people may object to the references to Halloween in the story. A wonderful story to read aloud.
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