Jewish Values: Hanukkah: A Counting Book in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish

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The format of this original Hanukkah book is important: intensely bright colors upon black backgrounds, die cuts in the shape of candles, Hanukkah symbols that correspond in number to the number of candles on each page, color coding to indicate the gender of the Hebrew words, the gutteral sound, the stressed syllables, and the language of the word. The spellings of numbers one to eight plus phrases that indicate the Hanukkah symbol, such as "three elephants," are given in English, Hebrew with transliteration, and Yiddish with transliteration. Following the counting pages is a brief account of Hanukkah, emphasizing the symbols that have been used throughout the book. This is all splendidly packaged and will appeal to a wide age range: four year olds who are practicing counting, third graders beginning to learn Hebrew, even fourth and fifth graders with a modicum of exposure to Yiddish culture and language.
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