Jewish Values: War Against God and His People, The: A Guide to the Holocaust for Young People

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278 p.
Distributed by Feldheim Publishing, this is an introduction to the Holocaust for Orthodox students in middle school and high school. In order to provide the reader with an understanding of what was lost in the Holocaust, it describes the daily life of religious Jews in pre-war Eastern Europe. An overview of the persecution and destruction of Europe's Jews from ghetto to concentration camps is followed by accounts of righteous Gentiles as well as Jews who did their utmost to save lives. An extensive part of the book is devoted to an examination of why the Jewish people was singled out for destruction and to the question, "Where was G-d?" Both are discussed from a traditional point of view. Many black and white illustrations fill the book but the format leaves much to be desired in its lack of reference aids. The absence of an index makes it extremely difficult to use except for browsing.
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