Jewish Values: Who Is the Builder?

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32 p.
The midrash about Abraham's search for G-d is retold here with a new setting and in a different time period. The little boy who realizes that the world around him must be the work of a Builder is dressed in fairly modern looking garb. Successive double spread color illustrations, large and expressive, show him in the dark, moonlit night and the bright light of the sun, in idyllic meadows, in domestic scenes, and at twilight. Concluding that neither the moon, the sun, nor the stars made the world, he continues on his search until a voice from above says to him, "I am the Builder...I am Hashem. This whole world is Mine..." to which Avraham replies, "You made the beautiful world, You are my Hashem." Little children may need some adult guidance to realize that the Avraham of this story is Avraham of the Bible.
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