Jewish Values: Niels Bohr: Physicist and Humanitarian

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128 p.
Readers are given a glimpse into the mind and heart of the great Danish theoretical physicist, learning about his scientific career and achievements and also about his steadfast efforts to help German Jewish intellectuals fleeing Germany and Danish Jews, who, like the half-Jewish Bohr, were marked for arrest by the Nazis. His sojourn in the United States working on the Manhattan Project motivated Bohr to speak out against the military use of nuclear power and promote international cooperation. Diagrams and drawings elucidate the book's scientific content and several activities are included to help readers understand some basic physical principles. Photographs show Bohr, his colleagues, and family, and where he worked. The writing is a model of clarity, documented and accompanied by chapter notes. There is a chronology, a glossary, a few websites and books for further reading, and an index. The format is inviting, with large, clear type and plenty of white space. This excellent science biography is part of the Great Minds of Science series.
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