Jewish Values: Finding Sophie

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For the first seven years of her life, Sophie Mandel lived with her Christian mother and Jewish father in Germany. For the next seven and through all of the war years, she has lived in England with a foster parent she fondly calls Aunt Em. At age fourteen, Sophie feels thoroughly English but she knows that her future is uncertain once the war is over. At war's end, she learns that her mother has died and that her father is recuperating from imprisonment in Dachau. She is torn between her duty to him and her fervent desire to stay in England. A chance encounter with Marianne, an older girl she met on the Kindertransport, links this novel with the previous two in Watts' trilogy: GOOD-BYE, MARIANNE and REMEMBER ME. With each of these novels, the author has inhabited her characters more deeply, telling their poignant stories with grace and understanding. The wartime setting and the characters of Sophie and Aunt Em are particularly outstanding in this story, which is not to be missed.
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