Jewish Values: Rachel's Gift

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32 p.
It's springtime in Chelm and everyone is sprucing up for Passover. Rachel's mother, Selma the Cook, has just inherited her aunt's secret recipe for matzah ball soup and she is certain that the lucious smell will bring Elijah to their house this year. Meanwhile, neighbors drop in, each with a tip for making the soup even better. One of them is a disheveled man with holes in his shoes that Rachel fixes while he sleeps. As Selma impatiently awaits Elijah, her husband notices that the wine in Elijah's cup has diminished and he and Rachel realize who the disheveled guest must have been. Selma is disappointed because she expected a big reward instead of the rose the guest left but Rachel reminds her that "sometimes the right little something can make a world of difference." No Chelm irony or even foolishness here but a wholesome story in folkloric style by the author of RACHEL CAPTURES THE MOON. The illustrations are large and vivid.
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