Jewish Values: Dear Emma

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150 p.
Readers who met Dossi Rabinowitz in FARAWAY SUMMER and those meeting her for the first time in this sequel, will enjoy her letters to her friend Emma Meade in Vermont. In them, Dossi confides in Emma about her life on the Lower East Side, her relationship with her new brother-in-law, and her aspirations. She also draws a vivid picture of life in New York City in the early 20th century, including an account of the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory disaster. To open a window onto the Jewish American past for students in grades 4 - 6, booktalk DEAR EMMA along with FARAWAY SUMMER and two excellent non-fiction books, Raymond Bial's TENEMENT: IMMIGRANT LIFE ON THE LOWER EAST SIDE and SUITCASE OF DREAMS from the Skirball Cultural Center. For other examples of epistolary novels, see LOVE FROM YOUR FRIEND, HANNAH by Mindy Warshaw Skolsky and DEAR GREAT AMERICAN WRITERS SCHOOL by Sherry Bunin.
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