Jewish Values: Adara

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Adara is an adolescent girl, neither Israelite nor Aramean, who is caught in the warfare between the two peoples during the reign of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. She serves as an intermediary between the adversaries, bringing knowledge of the one G-d to the Aramean elite. The story is based on an incident from KingsII, Chap. 5 in which the prophet Elisha cures the Aramean general Naaman of leprosy. An interesting look at a period of religious syncretism and cultural transition. For an offbeat excursion into biblical times, booktalk ADARA to 5 - 7 graders, along with Chaya Burstein's THE KIDS' CATALOG OF BIBLE TREASURES, Marian Broida's ANCIENT ISRAELITES AND THEIR NEIGHBORS, Ilene Cooper's DEAD SEA SCROLLS and Julius Lester's PHARAOH'S DAUGHTER.
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