Conference Proceeding: Digitizing an Archive: Stanford’s Experience with the Iliasaf Robinson Collection on Tel Aviv

This is a follow-up to Zachary Baker’s presentation at the June 2007 AJL convention where he provided an overview of the Eliasaf Robinson Collection on Tel Aviv. Acquired by Stanford at the end of 2005, the collection includes rare archival documents, ephemera, maps, posters, and photographs, along with several hundred books, pamphlets, and journals devoted to Tel Aviv from its founding in 1909 until Israel declared its independence in 1948. Since 2007, about half of the collection’s monographs and serials, and about 40% of its archival materials have been digitized and are now accessible via the Standford University Libraries’ digital collections website. In this presentation, Zachary will discuss the decision-making process that went into selection of items for digitization, the interactions between different departments that were required in order to make the project succeed, intellectual property issues connected with providing access to digitized collection, and the end product: the multi-faceted Standford website for the Eliasaf Robinson Collection.