Bibliography and Reference Book Awards

Title Contributors Publisher Publication Year Award Award Year
Legal Scholarship in Jewish Law : an Annotated Bibliography of Journal Articles Hollander, David William S. Hein & Co 2017 Bibliography Award 2018
Pirke Avot: a Thesaurus : an Annotated Bibliography of Printed Hebrew Commentaries, 1485-2015 Weiss, Steven J. Dr. Steven J. Weiss Collection 2016 Bibliography (Honorable Mention) 2018
Holocaust: An Encyclopedia and Document Collection Bartrop, Paul R., Dickerman, Michael ABC-CLIO 2017 Reference Award 2018
Resources in Yiddish Studies Baker, Zachary Geveb : a Journal of Yiddish Stories 2017 Reference (Honorable Mention) 2018
Comprehensive English-Yiddish Dictionary (based on the lexical research of Mordkhe Schaechter) Schaechter-Viswanath, Gitl, Glasser, Paul, Lapin, Chava Indiana University Press 2016 Reference Award 2016
Catalog of the Judeo-Persian Manuscripts in the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America Moreen, Vera Basch Brill 2015 Bibliography Award 2015
Outside the Bible: Ancient Jewish Writings Related to Scripture Feldman, Louis H., Kugel, James L., Schiffman, Lawrence H. Jewish Publication Society 2014 Reference Award 2015
Sephardi Lives: A Documentary History, 1700-1950 Cohen, Julia, Stein, Sarah Stanford University Press 2014 Reference (Honorable Mention) 2015
Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary Beinfeld, Solon, Bochner, Harry Indiana University Press 2013 Reference Award 2014
Mi-kitve ha-_itim Pelli, Moshe Magnes 2013 Bibliography Award 2014
Otsar kitve-ha-yad ya-Talmudiyim Sussmann, Yaacov, Rosenthal, Yoav Yad Yitshak Ben Tsevi 2012 Bibliography Award 2013
Hulukast Babakniya, Ardashir David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies 2012 Reference (Honorable Mention) 2013
Bibliographia Karaitica Walfish, Barry, Kizilov, Mikhail Brill 2011 Bibliography Award 2012
The Eerdmans dictionary of early Judaism Collins, John J., Harlow, Daniel C. 2010 Reference (Honorable Mention) 2011
Bibliography of Jews in the Islamic World Gallego, Maria Angeles, Bleaney, Heather Brill 2010 Bibliography Award 2011
Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic world Stillman, Norman A. Brill 2010 Reference Award 2011
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum encyclopedia of camps and ghettos, 1933-1945 Megargee, Geroffrey G. Indiana University Press 2009 Reference Award 2010
Body of Work Galron, Joseph (Yossi) Special Body-of-Work Citation 2009
The Book of Esther : a classified bibliography Lubetski, Edith, Lubetski, Meir Sheffield Phoenix Press 2008 Bibliography (Honorable Mention) 2008
Hebrew manuscripts in the Vatican Library : Catalogue Biblioteca apostolica Vaticana 2008 Bibliography Award 2008
YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe Hundert, Gershon David Yale University Press 2008 Reference Award 2008
Writers in Yiddish Sherman, Joseph Thomson Gale 2007 Reference Award 2007
Dictionary of Iberian Jewish and converso authors Roth, Norman Aben Ezra Ediciones 2007 Bibliography Award 2007
Body of Work Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit at the University of Cambridge, Reif, Stefan 2007 Special Body-of-Work Citation 2007
ha-Sifriyah ha-Yehudit bi-Yeme ha-benayim Allony, Nehemya, Ben-Shammai, Haggai, Sokolow, Moshe Mekhon Ben-Tsevvi le-h_ek_er k_ehilot Yis_ra_el ba-Mizrah_ 2006 Bibliography Award 2006
Milon le-t_ek_st_im _Arviyim-Yehudiyim mi-Yeme ha-Benayim Blau, Joshua 2006 Reference Award 2006
Lek_sik_on ha-sipur ha-h_asidi Nigal, Gedalyah ha-Mekhon le-h_ek_er ha-sifrut ha-h_asidit 2005 Reference Award 2005
Sepulcra judaica : Bibliographie zu ju_dischen Friedho_fen und zu Sterben, Begra_bnis und Trauer bei den Juden von der Zeit des Hellenismus bis zur Gegenwart Wiesemann, Falk Klartext 2005 Bibliography Award 2005
The sixteenth century Hebrew book : an abridged thesaurus Marvin J. Heller Brill 2004 Bibliography Award 2004
Jewish American Literature: A Guide to Reading Interests Reisner, Rosalind Libraries Unlimited 2004 Reference Award 2004
Holocaust literature : an encyclopedia of writers and their work Kremer, S. Lillian Routledge 2003 Bibliography Award 2003
Diciona_rio sefaradi de sobrenomes : inclusive crista_os novos, conversos, marranos, italianos, berberes e sua histo_ria na Espanha, Portugal e Ita_lia Faiguenboim, Guilherme, Valadares, Paulo, Campagnano, Anna Rosa Fraiha 2003 Reference Award 2003
Avotaynu Avotaynu, Inc. Special Body-of-Work Citation 2003
Isaac Bashevis Singer : a bibliography of his works in Yiddish and English, 1960-1991 Saltzman, Roberta Scarecrow Press 2002 Bibliography Award 2002
Avotaynu Malka, Jeffrey S., Sephardic Genealogy Avotaynu 2002 Reference Award 2002
Jewish Serials of the World Singerman, Robert Greenwood Press 2001 Bibliography Award 2001
The Encyclopedia of Jewish life before and during the Holocaust Spector, Shmuel, Wigoder, Geoffrey Yad Vashem 2001 Reference Award 2001
Breslav : bibliyografyah mu_eret Assaf, David Merkaz Zalman Shazar le-toldot Yis_ra_el 2000 Bibliography Award 2000
A history and guide to Judaic dictionaries and concordances Brisman, Shimeon Ktav 2000 Reference Award 2000
Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova Weiner, Miriam Miriam Weiner Routes to Roots Foundation 1999 Reference Award 1999
Printing the Talmud : a history of the individual treatises printed from 1700 to 1750 Heller, Marvin J. Brill 1999 Bibliography Award 1999
Guide to the YIVO Archives Mohrer, Fruma, Web, Marek M.E. Sharpe 1997 Reference Award 1998
Solomon ibn Gabirol : a bibliography of his poems in translation Goldberg, Isaac Word Works International Editions 1998 Bibliography Award 1998
American Jewish liturgies : a bibliography of American Jewish liturgy from the establishment of the press in the colonies through 1925 Wachs, Sharona R. Hebrew Union College Press 1997 Bibliography Award 1997
Jewish women in America : an historical encyclopedia Hyman, E. Paula, Moore, Deborah Dash Routledge 1997 Reference Award 1997
A bibliography of Jewish education in the United States Drachler, Norman Wayne State University Press 1996 Bibliography Award 1996
A dictionary of Jewish surnames from the Kingdom of Poland Beider, Alexander Avotaynu 1996 Reference Award 1996
Guide to Hebrew manuscript collections Richler, Benjamin Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities 1994 Bibliography Award 1995
Jewish American women writers : a bio-bibliographical and critical sourcebook Shapiro, Ann R. Greenwood Press 1994 Reference Award 1995
Body of Work: Judaica Americana Kaganoff,Nathan M. Carlson 1995 Special Body-of-Work Citation 1995
Antisemitism : an annotated bibliography Cohen, Susan Sarah Garland 1994 Bibliography Award 1994
The concise dictionary of American Jewish biography Marcus, Jacob Rader, Daniels, Judith M. Carlson 1994 Reference Award 1994
Judaica reference sources : a selective, annotated bibliographic guide Cutter, Charles, Oppenheim, Micha Falk Denali Press 1993 Reference Award 1993
The encyclopedia of Jewish prayer : Ashkenazic and Sephardic rites Nulman, Macy Jason Aronson 1993 Reference Award 1993
Yiddish linguistics : a multilingual bibliography Bratkowsky, Joan Gloria Garland 1988 Bibliography Award 1993
Bibliography on Holocaust literature, Supplement Edelheit, Abraham J., Edelheit, Hershel Westview Press 1990 Bibliography Award 1992
Jewish-American History and Culture : An Encyclopedia Fischel, Jack, Pinsker, Sanford 1992 Reference Award 1992
Jewish American fiction writers : an annotated bibliography Cronin, Gloria L., Hall, Blaine H., Lamb, Connie Garland 1991 Bibliography Award 1991
Where once we walked : a guide to the Jewish communities destroyed in the Holocaust Mokotoff, Gary, Sack, Sallyann Amdur Avotaynu 1991 Reference Award 1991
Judaica Americana : a bibliography of publications to 1900 Singerman, Robert Greenwood Press 1990 Bibliography Award 1990
Encyclopedia of the Holocaust Macmillan 1990 Reference Award 1990
The Talmud : the Steinsaltz Edition Steinsaltz, Adin Random House 1989 Reference Award 1989
Yiddish linguistics : a multilingual bibliography Bratkowsky, Joan Gloria Garland 1988 Reference Award 1988
A history and guide to Judaic encyclopedias and lexicons / _c Shimeon Brisman. Brisman, Shimeon Hebrew Union College Press 1987 Reference Award 1987
Lek_sik_on fun Yidish-shraybers : mit_ hesofes_ un tik_unim tsum Lek_sik_on fun der nayer Yidisher lit_erat_ur, un 5,800 psev_donimen Kagan, Berl 1986 Reference Award 1986
Josephus and modern scholarship, 1937-1980 Feldman, Louis, H. W. de Gruyter 1984 Reference Award 1984